The Buppa Brand

The Buppa Brand has for 10 years had a colourful image and we at The Buppa Brand AB want to continue to put colour on the children already from the start of their life journey though colourful prodcts. Our most important creatures sould stand out and be the frisky colour bomb a child usually is!

The Buppa Brand AB wants to be a natrual choise for good business nad a long term relationship - by always deliver safe products ans solutions for a sustainable future for our children.

Welcome to take a look at our range of products for frisky colourful children in a sustainable future!



The Company

The Buppa Brand AB was founded in the beginning of 2017, when the founder Therese got the opportunity to acquire the brand "The Buppa Brand".

Therese had had her eyes on the brand for a couple of years and she really liked the products. And also that she was nick-named Buppa from a young age made her fall in love with the brand straight away. It was meant to take over and lead The Buppa Brand to new heights!


Our Business Idea - A colurful future

The Buppa Brand AB is selling better and safer products for children in the fields of stroller accessories, outdoor activities and interior design. We design, manufacture and sell colourful consumer products.
The Buppa Brand AB works world wide with Sweden and the Nordic regoin as its base.


The Quality

We care about the relationship with you by securing the quality and safety in all steps, from idea to product and from order to delivery. In our work to offer you attractive products we are responsive and solution oriented. We listen to your and the consumers needs. What the market is requesting is gained through you, but also via our national and international networks.


Quality assurance

  • We set high requirements that our products should have a high and even quality. Every production is inspected reguarding function, looks and packaging.
  • We set high requirements on how the products we offer is affecting our environment.
  • We work with suppliers that act responsibly.

The Social Responsibility

Our values are aiming for a sustainable future and a customer relationship that lasts. We are creating values through working with supplier with known high quality and in the co-operation with you through support in the whole process – from order to delivery.

We are working in compliance to ISO26000 - with environmental focus. We are striving for only producing products with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved details.

The Buppa Brand AB wants to be a part of a sustainable development and care about our environment, all to give our children as good future as possible!


Value driven factors

  • Right product - Consumer smart products
  • Right price - Total value chain in focus
  • Right timing - Efficient logistics
  • Right place - selected business parterners
  • Right position - Continues market watch

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